Step 1 - Build your Profile

This is simple. Tell future employers a bit about you, what your strengths are and what you can offer to a team of like minded individuals.

Step 2 - Engage in Events

Get your profile seen by as many prospective recruiters as possible. EE runs events that will connect you with the best brands in the world.

Step 3 - Engage with Employers

Engage with new opportunities on the platform. Browse new jobs and career opportunities that may suit you and review events linked to areas of interest.


The Student Community of Opportunity

A student community for opportunity that connects students and graduates with employers seamlessly and easily. Connect now to start your journey.

New group events every week

An important aspect of career development and job placement is understanding the relationship between student and employer. See this short video from some of our partners for more insight.


Your career without barriers

Exit Entry offers you with a new way to engage with your career and future employers...seamlessly!

Students Strengths

Our platform empowers students and provides a simple interface to build a meaningful profile. No more empty resumes... just real insightful data.

Employers Benefit

Employers now have insightful data at their fingertips. Hosting events and workshops through the platform connects employers to a pool of new talent.

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