The Exit Entry App

Exit Entry uses proven science to enable school students get a better understanding of their skills, interests and future pathways.
This is done in a socially inclusive way creating opportunities for all.

We help students by providing them with tools to learn more about themselves and third level pathways.

Support students of all levels

Provide value for all students regardless of academic ability

Discover third level opportunities

Use assessment data to provide valuable suggestions about college pathways


What Exit Entry does for Guidance Councellors

Every year schools and guidance counsellors need to provide high quality information and resources to their students about career and third level options. This is an arduous task and specific, independent information is required for every individual student.

There is currently no way to automate or increase the efficiency of the process. What if there was a free, easily accessible mobile app for students to support this?


We have built a Mobile app for students

Take a look at some of the screenshots in the app to see the process for students

Secure login with social signup

Dedicated secondary school workflow

Interests assessment results page

Skills assessment results page

Connect with suggested courses

Filter by preferences

Review filtered results

Connect with institution

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