Parties: Exit Entry Limited (“we”, “Exit Entry” or “the Sponsor”) and the winning student “you” or “the Student”

Purpose of this Agreement

Exit Entry wishes to sponsor accommodation for a full-time third-level student taking a course in a recognised educational establishment in Ireland up to a value of up to €10,000 for the academic year 2020/2021.

The following will be the structure of the sponsorship:

Eligibility to Win

To be eligible to win this sponsorship:

  • You must agree to these terms and conditions
  • You must be a bona fide applicant for, or student of, a full-time undergraduate or graduate third-level course in a recognised educational establishment in Ireland.

You may only enter once

  • You may only enter this competition once.
  • You must provide your mobile phone number, home address and your college email address and confirm that you have not entered multiple times.

How we will select the winner

  • The winner will be selected by a draw among all entrants.

The Sponsorship

  • We will sponsor the rent on your accommodation up to an amount of €1,000 per month. If your rent is lower than €1,000, we will fund the lower amount.
  • The sponsorship will be paid monthly directly to your landlord in ten instalments provided you remain in an eligible course for the full term of the payments.
  • The first instalment will be made available in August 2020 to fund the deposit on your accommodation.
  • The remainder of the instalments will be made available on the first of each month between September 2020 and May 2021 inclusive.
  • We will not be party to your rental contract with your landlord.

Winners Must Prove Eligibility to Win

  • Before any payments are made, you will be required to prove to Exit Entry that you are eligible to win and have not breached any of these terms.
  • If you cannot prove to Exit Entry’s satisfaction that you meet the eligibility conditions, you will not be awarded this sponsorship and the draw will take place again to select a winner.
  • Should we have any suspicion about you having made multiple entries, we will be entitled not to award the sponsorship to you and to re-draw for a winner.
  • If you win, you will be required to provide proof of your address and ownership of the mobile phone number on your entry.
  • The winner will be encouraged to participate in a monthly sponsorship initiative with Exit Entry.

The Sponsorship is not Transferable

  • This sponsorship is not transferable.

Our Right to Vary These Terms

  • These terms and conditions may be varied by Exit Entry at its sole discretion. If we do so, we will notify you of such changes.

Your Acceptance of These Terms and Conditions

  • By clicking APPLY on the post in the app you have agreed to the terms and conditions of this competition.