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Exit Entry is an online community that helps students discover their next opportunity.

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Exit Entry helps you figure out and find your next opportunity.


Creating opportunities for everyone.


Sick of brands that talk in business jargon all the time? Us too. We sound like a person because people are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in being real and authentic.


People come to Exit Entry because they struggle to find the right work opportunity that really speaks to them. We are here to help to connect you seamlessly with opportunities that are right for you.


Everyone deserves a level playing field when it comes to finding work that’s right for them. And, the best way to ensure a level playing field is to create a community that’s easily accessible to all. It’s simple to use and it’s easy to understand. We don’t make things complicated. We don’t use big words when small ones will do the job.


We exist because the current system for finding and hiring the right people is outdated. We’re looking to the future for ways to make this process simpler for employers and would-be employees. This doesn’t mean we speak in technical jargon, it means we’re always focused on what’s coming next. What’s next for us. What’s next for employers. What’s next for you.


Champions are the best at what they do, and this is reflected in how they act and talk. Champions are not cocky, they’re self-assured. They’re confident, not smug. Champions also stand for something. Champions are brave. They speak out against injustice where they find it. We exist to champion an idea that is central to human life: everyone deserves fulfilling work opportunities.


Finding fulfilling work is incredibly empowering and we empower people to find fulfilling work. How we speak and act reflects this. We are positive. We are encouraging. We give our users the confidence to know that the right job is out there for them, and we will help them find it.